Professional Oil and Gas
Property Management

Future Objectives

  • Amrose Oil will fund various drilling projects throughout North America.
  • The Company will match investors with these projects with the intention of creating a positive income stream for the investors.
  • The ultimate objective is to provide profit for shareholders and officers alike.


Jim Anderson, CEO, Chairman of the Board - with over 25 years in consulting, Jim Anderson has been recognized not only for superior corporate leadership, but for his technical and analytical skills as well. Following graduation from the University of Oregon with a double degree in marketing and management he began a career working with healthcare organizations in operational analysis. During the last decade, he has been working and consulting on various domestic and international projects including corporate turnarounds.

Vic Devlaeminck, Boardmember - Mr. Devlaeminck has over 35 years of experience in accounting and tax compliance as well as nearly 30 years practicing tax and business law. Since 1993 he has maintained a dual private law and accounting practice specializing in tax and business matters under his own name. He is a member of the Oregon and Washington State Bar Associations, Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants and the American Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants. In addition to being admitted to practice in the state courts of Oregon and Washington State, he is also admitted to practice before the U.S. Tax Court and the U.S. District Court (Oregon) and is a licensed CPA in both Oregon and Washington State. Vic is focused on the corporate structuring, tax benefits and securities transactions within the scope of the oil & gas sector.

Gerald Schiano, Boardmember - Mr. Schiano started his career as an accountant and through initiative and drive started several companies in the construction field. He gradually worked his way into the Oil Industry. He has a good operational knowledge of construction piping, well drilling and oil fields. He understanding of the industry fills a niche that Amrose needs to move forward with new and established projects. For the past several years Mr. Schiano has been an entrepreneur who has been working projects all across the oil industry spectrum.

J. Michael Hadwin, Board Advisor - is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the oil and natural gas industry. He has worked with companies such as Tct Natural Gas Inc., Pacificorp, Exco Energy, and Associated Natural Gas incorporated among others. His skill at brokering Basic Swaps, EFPs, Master Swaps, Storage Optimizations, and trading natural gas commodities have given him a unique perspective as to the mechanics of the market of oil and natural gas. His addition to our team as an advisor provides a depth in an area that few others can give.

Consultant Tim Smith - Timothy Smith is a business consultant and investor. Over the last seven years, Mr. Smith has been involved in mergers & acquisitions, financing arrangements and investments with a specialty in investor relations. Tim studied small business, business management, accounting and marketing from 2000-2004. After a few years Mr. Smith shifted his focus from consulting to investment and trading stocks managing personal funds and that of his family. The investment strategy involved trading ETF's and stocks with a focus on energy, natural resources and banking which continues today. Mr. Smith has authored various investment columns and currently co-authors the Turn Key Oil Newsletter which has a subscription base of over 10,000 investors and industry related professionals with topics that include the energy sector with a focus on oil & gas investments.

About us

Amrose Oil Inc. is a junior oil and gas player with a primary focus in oil headquartered in Houston, Texas. The purpose of the corporation will be to acquire and manage oil and gas properties in the United States with the goal of achieving a positive revenue stream and a solid asset base and then managing existing assets while acquiring selected additional assets in a manner that will achieve maximum growth and shareholder value while minimizing liabilities.

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This is not an offer to buy or sell securities. Oil investment carries very high risks. Please read our full disclaimer before making any decisions. The information provided about projects and opportunities are based on the best available information. The projects and opportunities have not been verified by Amrose Oil and are subject to change at anytime. Amrose Oil does not make any warranties about the information provided herein and each respective party much do their own due diligence and verification.